Dedicated to SoSuperSam because she's cool like that. 


sosupersam (@sosupersam) live at Oakland Music Festival.

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i should’ve fucking gone to this



after 143 i jumped on a 7am flight to new york on one hour’s sleep, and why you ask?  because i needed to get to the mandarin oriental hotel to dj for none other than kate and laura mulleavy.  swoon much?

so i hopped out of the plane like a hot piece of garbage, and hauled ass from jfk in rush hour traffic to columbus circle where my best friends took me in for an hour to shower and get my life together. taylor had an o.g. moschino skirt waiting for me to wear (thanks tay). and then we were off to the mandarin oriental hotel where rodarte would reveal a nyc city guide map that they put together of all of their hot spots in the city.

while i am a total sucker for rodarte i am doubly a sucker for maps and gorgeous hotels, call this party a recipe for amazeballs.  yeah i said amazeballs like its 2009.


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Taken by themjeans

Taken by themjeans